Murphy Bed NYC

Genius Small Space Solution

Genius Small Space Solution

 New York is a city of broad avenues, huge buildings, big dreams...and enormous rents. Whether you’re just starting out or well into your career, chances are that you’re paying exorbitantly for a living space that forces you to squeeze every lastbit of use out of each square inch.Murphy Bed NYC can’t lower your rent, but it can do the next-best thing: give you back more of what you’ve paid for.Murphy Bed NYC’s cleverly designed, carefully constructed, and expertly installed wall-bed solutions give you a real bed at night and a wealth of extra floor space during the day. For some, that means ditching that old futon and letting that uncomfortable sofa bed remain a sofa. For others, it means upgrading to an entirely new living space without the trouble and expense of moving house.


Easing the Squeeze

When rents get high and living spaces get small, New Yorkers get crafty. And since a queen-size bed can take up more than 40 square feet, that often means doing without a traditional mattress altogether. But futons can wear out quickly, and sofa beds usually manage to be uncomfortable both as sofas and beds. For all the stress the city places on our shoulders, New Yorkers deserve better. Murphy Bed NYC has the answer.By night, customers get that increasingly rare commodity: the comfort of sleeping on a real mattress, supported by a sturdy bed frame. By day, the frame’s ingenious counterweighting system makes it easy to fold the bed up against the wall, freeing up precious real estate for workout mats, home-office equipment, and whatever else springs to mind.


Moving Up, Not Moving Out.

It used to be that starting a family, getting a promotion, or starting a more lucrative new job meant moving to a larger apartment or condo. That’s less true these days, when the cost of living far outstrips most familes’ upward mobility.More people than ever are looking to improve their current living quarters rather than moving house altogether. Murphy Bed NYC can deliver the centrepiece of a renovation that adds a host of features to any apartment or condowhile freeing up valuable floor space.For example, Murphy Bed NYC’s expert carpenters can add shelving units, lighting fixtures, and storage spaces to the basic bed installation, turning previously blank walls into flexible spaces with all the function and appearance of sought-after built-ins. However customers choose to build on the advantages of their wall beds, Murphy Bed NYC can install custom solutions that add beauty, function, and value to any living space.


Added Value for Property Owners

It’s not just renters and condo owners who benefit from Murphy Bed NYC’s expertise. For roughly the cost of an average month’s rent, property owners looking for an edge can now offer more usable floor space than the competition. That means greater demand by more sought-after renters, which all adds up to steadier revenue.


Whatever your situation, Murphy Bed NYC is ready to put their talents to use for you. Give them a call at 212-401-6959 to see how they can help you get the most out of your living space. Murphy bed NYC